innovative and customized cleanroom consumables

Our Philosophy

Developing cost-effective customized products that enhance our customer outcomes.

Quality is Our Priority

Q-Leap is committed to be the leader in providing the highest quality cleanroom consumable products.

Our Mission

Our talented team is dedicated to continuously innovating and improving quality through investments in our "Quantum Process" automated manufacturing.

Q-Leap is a truly vertically integrated manufacturing facility

Our Capabilities

Established in 2001, Q-Leap has a manufacturing facility over 100,000 sq. feet with over 50,000 sq. feet allotted to the ISO Class 10/100/1000 cleanrooms. Through continuous process improvements and investments, Q-Leap has become the first truly vertically integrated cleanroom consumables manufacturing facility. We have implemented robotic automation into our processes to eliminate human source contamination. With the support of the Materials and Process Testing Center, our engineering and management teams have been awarded multiple patents and recognition. Q-Leap tailors for you product customization and new product development.

Making Investments that Count

we have our own in-house materials & process testing lab that is compliant with the ISO 17025 standards

In order to meet customers' stringent wiper cleanliness requirements, we continuously invest in our proprietary “Quantum Process”.

our materials & process testing center ensures only quality products are produced to the highest standards

Our test engineers conduct precise testing and analysis of the cleanliness and performance of all of our cleanroom consumables.

a manufacturing process consisting of a series of state-of-the-art automated technologies

All these manufacturing steps are carried out in a cleanroom environment with minimal manual processing steps.