About Us

our "quantum process" delivers innovation and quality for our valued customers

It all started over 15 years ago, when a young engineer from Seagate persistently searched for the highest manufacturing cleanroom efficiency for producing innovative and cost-effective products. He met two other cleanroom professionals who shared a common vision. After brainstorming and exchanging ideas, Q-Leap was born. The organization has since pursued and implemented new methods to improve cleanroom products to include wipers, swabs, masks, mops, bags and adhesive mats. Today, we integrate manufacturing controls of raw materials from yarns to finished products and from resin to cleanroom packaging bags. Innovative manufacturing processes and strict quality assurance have resulted in Q-Leap becoming the leading value-offering company for cleanroom consumables.

Quality is the foundation of Q-leap

We practice what we preach. Our business philosophy is to service our customers with superior products that meets our customer’s needs. This is the basis of our commitment to provide quality products to our customers. Our products have been accepted world-wide in many fields of cleanroom manufacturing, such as Semiconductor Electronics, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, LED and Aerospace. Q-Leap leads the world in wiper manufacturing through a proprietary, revolutionary “Quantum Process”. The focal point of the “Quantum Process” is to avoid degrading the materials in the manufacturing processes and keep the product material clean from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process. The cleaning of cleanroom products can lead to degradation of the product during manufacturing. Our “Quantum Process” ensures that our products are manufactured clean so that the products achieve the highest cleanliness and the lowest measured particle counts.