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Our products are specially engineered to enhance productivity in today’s semiconductor, biotech, aerospace, LCD manufacturing, pharmaceutical, nuclear industries and medical devices manufacturing cleanroom environments.
• Semiconductor
• Pharmaceutical / Biotech
• Medical Devices
• Hospital / Lab

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Materials: Knitted Polyester / Polyurethane foam, 4 metal press buttons.
Weight: 45 gms/piece.
Size: 14 inches.
Packing: 12 pieces/Case
• Ideal for applying disinfectant to walls or ceilings
• Absorbs over 5 times of its weight in water
• Machine washable and autoclaveable
• ISO Class 5—8 compatible
Tee Mop Product Specification Sheet (PDF Format)


Materials: Microfiber with 80% polyester and 20% Polyamide, tubular strings.
Weight: 280 gms/piece.
Size: 30 x 13.5 inches
Packing: 12 pieces/Case
• Ideal for removing soil and bacteria on floors
• Absorbs over 7 times of its weight in water
• Machine washable, re-useable and resistant to bleach
• ISO Class 5—8 compatible
String Mop Product Specification Sheet (PDF Format)


Materials: Knitted polyester / polyurethane foam
Sizes: 3 lengths at 15.5”, 13” and 8.5” x 4” W x 1-1/8” T
Packing: 12 pieces /Case
• Ideal for cleaning any flat surfaces such as floor, wall and ceiling
• Superior absorbency of water and disinfectants.
• Easy to slide on and off from mounting bracket
• ISO Class 5—8 compatible
Foam Mop Product Specification Sheet (PDF Format)


Materials: Inner polyurethane foam with textured waffle polyester cover, white
Sizes: 14 inches length
Packing: 1 piece/bag, 24 heads/case with PE liner
• Highly textured waffle polyester outer surface
• Thick inner polyurethane foam
• Enhanced liquid sorptive capacity
• Very low linting and particle shedding
• ISO Class 5 to 8 compatible and USP 797 compliant
PolyFoam WaffleMop® Product Specification Sheet (PDF Format)